How to set up Domotic - CAN Bus integration

Hi guys,

I’m totally new to HA, and I’m really excited to have joined! I am a computer programmer, so im not a total dummy, and yet, I find myself woefully ignorant about how to approach my current problem.

I live in Italy. We bought a house with a “smart home integration” and quickly discovered that it is a flaming pile of hot garbage. The interface is crap, the company that set it up didn’t do everything the way you’d expect, etc etc. They use a CAN bus instead KNX or anything else, that should tell you a lot.

So I thought to myself: this isn’t a problem, I can sniff out the CAN Codes in a terminal, and use a pi to circumvent the current server and simply have my own integration, and bridge it to HomeKit, etc. That’s how I came across HA.

That all made perfect sense to me, and I have sniffed out many of the codes to experiment with, and that’s when I hit a wall. How exactly do I interface to the bus? For example, I can pick up an MCP2515 Can Controller that is compatible with the Pi running HA, and if I were running Raspbian or any other Linux shell, I could install drivers, can-utils or python-can, and get to work. But while I could write a program that could send all the calls over the BUS, it would still be a very basic program at that point. So what’s the next step, and how do you do it on a pi that is running HA-OS?

Ultimately, my goal is to leverage HA to create a better interface for myself, interface it with HomeKit and have something that is more user friendly than what I have now.

Any links to required reading, explanations, tutorials, etc, any help at all - is appreciated!!!