How to set up Everything Presence One with Bluetooth Tracking of Apple Watch & Google Pixel Watch

Hi All,

So I got an Everything Presence One and love the sensor and its versatility. I’ve set up some great automations however, one of the things I’d like to do with it, is track my Apple Watch, and my girlfriend’s Google Pixel watch for when we’re in the room or not.

I know setting up the Apple Watch can be difficult because you need the specific key (which I can get on my Mac in the Keychain) however, I have no experience in using ESPHome or similar so I’d like to get some basic step-by-step instructions on setting up the ESO device with Bluetooth tracking and determining whether we’re in the room or not.

I’ve done some searching online and I can’t find anything specific and so hoping that I can get some help. I want to set up my Apple Watch first, and then go and set up my girlfriend’s Google Pixel Watch (when she opens it for Xmas).