How to set up for developing custom components(intergration) in home assistant docker version

Hi guys, I have set up home assistant docker version in my ubuntu 20.04 laptop and I want to develop custom components(intergration).
Currently I am developing my components in visual studio under the path “/hass-config/custom_components/my_component”. But the problem is now I am not familiar with the developing process and each time I update my codes I need to restart home assistant, if it’s not working I will check the default log of Home assistant (home-assistant.log). I found this approach is not efficient and most of the times there are many other errors in the logs that’s not related to my components and it’s really efficient.
So I searched and try to use debugpy, I have set up folllowing in the configuration.yaml:

   start: true
   wait: false
   port: 5678

I want to know what to do from now? Thanks!