How to set up Octopus Go (or other dual rate tariff) in Energy Dashboard

I really struggled with this - it’s actually really simple but there are a couple of gotchas to know about.

When done end up with this:


  1. Have a sensor that measures your grid import
  2. Use the Utility meter integration to set up a Utility Meter helper
  3. Set up an automation to set the correct rate (Peak/Cheap) at the right times
  4. Add the two meters set up by the Utility Meter integration to the Energy dashboard

The meters set up by the Utility meter integration will return UNKNOWN until they have ‘seen’ some data from your grid import sensor. We have a battery so this took hours. I went down several rabbit holes trying to sort a non-existent problem.
You can’t add the meters to the Energy Dashboard while they are showing UNKNOWN.


  1. Grid Import Sensor
    There’s some good info here:
    For me I already have suitable sensor from my Powerwall and Solar integrations so nothing else needed. You want a sensor that just counts up in Wh - counts energy not power.

  2. Utility Meter setup
    Grab the utility meter integration
    Go to Settings - Devices and Services and select Helpers. Create Helper - Utility Meter
    Fill in the details. Meter reset cycle should be No cycle. Add two tariffs - Cheap and Peak - names are all that are required for now.
    All being well you should see three new Helpers

  1. Set up Automation to switch meters at correct time
alias: Peak/Cheap rate select for Utility meter
description: ""
  - platform: time
    at: "01:30:00"
      tariff: Cheap
  - platform: time
    at: "06:30:00"
      tariff: Peak
  - service: select.select_option
      entity_id: select.grid_import_octopus_go
      option: "{{ tariff }}"
mode: single

You could do this with two automations entirely in the UI but the Utility Meter Integration docs had this neat method using variables. Change the times to the times that apply to your tariff!

  1. Add new meters to energy dashboard
    First check the state of the two meters is not UNKNOWN - Settings Devices and Services - Entities - click on the meter and select info. If there’s a number showing OK to proceed. If it’s UNKNOWN, just have to wait until you use some electricity!
    Add the two new meters into the Electricity grid section of the Energy Dashboard - Setting Dashboards. Select Static price in the popup and enter the rate for meter you are adding.

Job Done!

Hi Steve,

I’ve been struggling with this also. You mention 3 helpers, one for each tariff (peak and cheap) but what’s the 3rd helper? Is that the one actually collecting the usage data?

I don’t suppose you have some screenshots of those sensors being setup do you? I’m missing something obvious I fear.


Sorry only just seen this.
The three helpers are shown in the screenshot - they are the two meters and the selector - the one with the clock symbol, it selects which of the two meters is to be used.

All three are created by the utility meter integration.

What happens when you set up the utility meter? What helpers are created?


Hi Steve

No worries. The utility wasn’t creating the selector helper for me, only the two meters. I’ve subsequently seen others reporting the same thing.

Ive dropped the utility and got it working with some raw yaml now though.


I’ve done the same as you.
Are you adding your standing charges to the energy dashboard as well ? If so how you doing it

No I’ve not bothered with the standing charge. I know what it is each month and I can’t influence it so haven’t bothered.

Good luck

Thanks for the reply I actually found a way of doing the standing order and worked great.
So you create this sensor just change the date to yesterdays date then when you’ve created the sensor go to the energy dashboard and add the sensor as consumption with a static price X 1000
So my standing is 43.35p per day when I added my sensor I put the static price as 433.5 and it has worked well so far.

Hi steve_jo,
Thanks for this, it certainly helped me get the dual tariffs up and running. I’ve 1 issue that I cant seem to solve. I’ve dual inverters, so 2 grid import sensors and have created two sets meters which seems correct. When I add them to the electrical grid section and set the static price, they provide the cost value. It seems however that the values are being accumulated into the energy usage total i.e it thinks I’m consuming twice of my actuals ?

Any suggestions ?