How to set up tautulli newsletter templates

Anyone knows how to setup the tautulli newsletter templates?

I have the newsletter setup, I created a folder inside my /config folder called custom_templates and added the recently_added.html there.

then, in the tautulli configuration, I added the path /config/custom_templates as the custom templates path.

But I got an error that tautulli can’t find that path.

Anyone was able to set a custom newsletter template with tautulli installed through the home assistant store?

thanks for the help!

This thread is from 2020… But did you find a solution?


yeah I have a solution. Will send you what I did when I’ll arrive home. not documented very well but changing the template is easy once you know where it is and how to change it.

so when I home and have access to the file-system, will send an update on this thread

I am just trying to set my newsletter for plex also…wouldn’t expect to find solutions here …but if you can share something it would be helpful…thanks in advance