How to set up two zigbee dongels for zigbee and matter/thread

Hi im new to HA so sorry for some question
I read on HA website Then they dont recommend using one dongle (sonoof zigbee e) for two protocols zigbee and matrer (multi-pan) so i bought 2 sonoff zigbee e, one i flashed with new zigbee2mqtt ember firmware and im not sure what firmware choice for second one, i couldnt find only matter/ thread router.
If im flash with multi pan so i will have 2 zigbee network and one matter but HA dont recomend they recomend one dongle for each network. so i bought 2 but i need help which firmware to choice on them and how to cofigure HA Many thx

That is correct. You should use a separate dedicated adapter/dongle for each IoT wireless radio protocol. More on why that is here → Are there Disadvantages using RCP Multi-PAN over EmberZNet NCP? · darkxst/silabs-firmware-builder · Discussion #41 · GitHub

You should flash a “OpenThread RCP” firmware which is used as Thread only (Thread Border Router):

Note that you need to use a community build like those from darkxst since Sonoff/ITead does not yet provide OpenThread firmware images for their dongles:

More info here:

Different firmwware variants

Three network protocol application firmware variants are available:

  • EmberZNet NCP = Zigbee NCP (Network Co-Processor) is used as dedicated Zigbee Coordinator for Zigbee-only environments, for direct use with Zigbee2MQTT, Home Asssiatnt’s ZHA integration, other Zigpy based Zigbee Gateway implementations, or other Zigbee gateways/frameworks that support the EZSP (EmberZNet Serial Protocol) interface.
  • OpenThread RCP firmware (experimental) = This Thread RCP (Radio Co-Processor) is used directy as dedicated Thread Border Router in Thread-only environments, used for OpenThread Border Router add-on or wpantund.
  • RCP Multi-PAN (no longer recommended) = Multiprotocol firmware for concurrent communication over Zigbee and Thread via Home Assistant SiliconLabs Multiprotocol add-on.