How to set up users for HA?

I have set up a Person for me and my wife. I installed HA on my Android phone and use my user to login. What should I do on my wife’s phone. Should I have it login using her Person? Or use my user for both phones? What are the pros and cons?

If I want to change it so she logs into her phone, HOW do I change it?

Better use a person per device. Then you can link each device to the correct person for person tracking via the device tracker on the phone.
In my case i did a person for me and another for my wife, both allowed to login. My user is owner/admin, her is only user/not admin.
If you need to logout, go to your user profile from the device you want to logout there is a logout link :slight_smile: Open your Home Assistant instance and show your Home Assistant user's profile.

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