How to setup a secure outdoor camera system, based on open source software?

I would like to set up a security system with 4 outdoor cameras.

We already have 4 ethernet cables outside. Here is the thread for the cameras, but here I want to talk about the whole system around the cameras.

Because it’s the first time I am setting up a system like this I have a lot of (noob) questions:

I would like to make it really secure, only eth (no wifi), using VLAN and Firewall and having access to the cameras only from specific devices and outside of the network only over VPN for those specific devices. Everything should be controlled by Linux systems and open source software (at much as possible).

Should the Intel NUC, which manages all the data from the cameras be inside VLAN1 and let them be offline, like all cameras and only allow specific devices (e.g. Smartphone, PC) to connect to the Intel NUC or would this be an overkill?

I’ve created a plan, but is this secure? Are there any mistakes or should I be aware of something, I didn’t even think of yet?

The router should have a firewall and should contain the VPN server so specific devices can access the footage of the cameras. Do open source routers exist, who can do this?

Thanks a lot for your input and your help. :slight_smile:

Look at opnsense

For small network it is overkill. Say 20 devices

If you have large network with many user it is very useful and flexible. I use unifi for years and change to this 1year ago. It was best decision and allow

Local DNS with DOH




Whatever you need