How to setup a whole home audio system?

Hi all, I am very interested in home assistant, and I’m looking at setting it up soon for my house. For my first project, I would love to revamp my Whole house audio System. I currently have speakers ran in the house and speaker cables that go to the basement that hook up to a speakercraft amp. The amp is failing slowly and I would love to get a new set up for that. Does anyone have any Ideas for a low cost option that I can setup in home assistant?

Since you have the existing speakers installed, Monoprice has a 4-zone, 6 input source amplifier that is reasonably priced.

Monoprice 4-Zone 6 Source 8ch Home Audio Multizone Controller and Amplifier Kit -

There is an integration for the 6-zone version (also available but more expensive) that should work with the 4-zone version.

I have the 6-zone amp, integration, and Music Assistant configured, and it works well.

Is there a way to add a sub to a zone?

Yes, multiple choices. Each zone has a preamp out to drive a separate amplified subwoofer, or you can bridge a zone to drive a subwoofer.

Check the manual for details, it’s available in the above link.

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I think you just rocked my world. I’ve been trying to figure this out. Not satisfied with the value of Sonos except that I don’t have to run wires, but the network receivers from Yamaha or Onkyo aren’t really set for whole home audio either.

If the centralized cabling requirement works for you, this is a reasonably priced whole-home audio solution. Monoprice has many accessories for this amplifier as well, including a Wi-Fi serial adapter, Bluetooth zone receiver, and Wi-Fi zone receiver. This series of equipment has been around for a while and is well documented and reviewed online. Not perfect, but it works well for me and likely others.

That sounds workable. Last time I was looking at similar systems I came across one but it was almost $2k and that didn’t make sense to me.

Hi Nathan, this question has been asked/answered a lot