How to setup ikea blind and remote group?

Hi I need some help using ZHA I have paired the blind and that works ok and have paired the remote ok.

How do I get them in a group so I can pair the remote to the blind please?

You can’t just pair them as far as I know, you need to create automations that will open/close the blinds on the buttons being pressed.

Yep what he said.
You can only pair the blind to one other thing.
You can only pair the remote to one other thing.
If you pair them to each other that’s a closed eco-system.
If you pair them both to HA, then you can set up schedules in HA, you can close them to reduce heat loss or solar gain, you can also close them if the sun azimuth is between x and y.
You can use the buttons to trigger certain automations be-it opening/closing said blind or turning your music volume up/down.
The world is your oyster (other moluscs are available) :crazy_face:

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Hi! Can i ask you what hardware did you manage to pair the blind with?
I have Conbee ll and deconz and struggling to pair the blind with Conbee or trådfri repeater that already is in the mesh network.
If i use the included repeater and switch separat from mesh/HA it works, so the hardware should be ok.

Do i need the Trådfri hub/gateway? i thought it should work just using the Conbee ll and Deconz?

Start the pairing process in deconz, reset the blinds by holding both buttons for ca. 5sec, the led will blink

However it seems like the reporting of battery status isn’t possible via deconz

Thanks! Tried that several times, but today i got a Trådfri gateway, firmware upgraded all 3 devices. Then all works as a sharm! but not reporting batterystatus as you said.
I am happy now, all working in HA :slight_smile:

I’m using ZHA with a conbee 2 as I find a lot of stuff like battery reporting is missing in deconz.

In ZHA I paired the blind and it all works perfect I also paired the remote and then binded the remote to the window shade group of the blind the remote now controls the blind as per how it normally would with a tradfri hub.

You can make it work in deconz:
But I’m also faced with some reliability issues… And issues with ZHA? Maybe I’ll switch again