How to setup, maintain and store complex automation configuration settings


Have been using HA for more and more complex automations over the past few years. For one instance the automation - state engines - are becoming really complex do to the nature of energy meets human needs.

In particular this home is combining dynamic energy pricing, with Solar, Battery storage, geothermal and air heatpumps, heating, cooling, pool, whirlpool, EV car charging, …

As such there are a ton of config parameters to be setup and maintained that are the basis of a complex multi state engine setup, assessing the current state of things (by presence, season, current weather, forcast, solar forcast, various projections).

So far I have been creating individual settings via helpers, that I then combine on a settings page with admin only access. Given the scope the number of seetings and variants of settings is getting too much to maintain like that.

I was hoping to find a better way to organize these settings or base parameters and would prefer some form of a spreadsheet-like arrangement to manage them more holistically.

Here is a very simple (and incomplete) example of how this could look like:

What would be a best practice to organize parameters like that, so that they can be leverage in all the state engines and automations that will drive behaviors accross multiple types of consumers and producers?

It would be great to be able to edit them via the frontend, but that is not a hard requirement.

Looking forward to suggestions on how to best approach this.

Thank you!

You could use a markdown card and a couple of tables to organise your helpers exactly like your spreadsheet.

Thank you! I have been considering that. Still requires 100+ individual helpers that give me heartburn just thinking about them.