How to setup motion sensor from Vera cameras

Noob to HA here… I’ve got a VistaCam 700 and 900 that I previously used with a Vera controller. Switched over to HA recently and so far I love it. However, the learning curve for the non plug-n-play things seems steep. I figured out how to connect the video stream for one of the cams to HA but I have no idea how to connect to the motion sensor on the camera.

I’ve been searching all day but haven’t found any resources that have helped me. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

Thank you in advance!

It looks like those cameras use zwave to send the motion detection data. Have you got zwave setup and added the camera?

I think they may actually send the motion detection data via wifi but is proprietary to Vera?

If it had of been ONVIF compatible then it would be pretty straight forward.

I was using z-wave with the Vera controller but I don’t have it going yet with HA.

Here are a few screenshots of the camera setup. Anything useful there?

Although the Vera is a ZWave hub I don’t believe those cameras use ZWave communications in any way, purely Ethernet / WiFi. I have a feeling they may use some proprietary protocol to send the motion sensor data to the Vera unit along with the video. Likely not accessible without the Vera.

I found some info here after following a link from the Micasaverde forum. If the API can be brought into HA you may have a chance.

(I started my smart home journey with a Vera as well… threw it in the bin and fired up HA)