How to setup RF433 on HA?

I have a motor-controlled projector screen installed in my home. It is controlled by a RF433 remote-control.

I have got this RF433 module for my RPi4, running Ubuntu-20.04-server.

I am following this guide:

The screen seller has provided this information:

Up: 0xFF,0xAA,0xEE,0xEE,0xDD
Pause: 0xFF,0xAA,0xEE,0xEE,0xCC
Down: 0xFF,0xAA,0xEE,0xEE,0xEE

Below is the configuration part:

  - platform: rpi_rf
    gpio: 14
        code_on: 255,170,238,238,221
        code_off: 255,170,238,238,238

I have found this is not working.
I have observed that only AUX and RX LED lights up on the RF433 HAT, but not TX.
What have I done wrong?


Does Ubuntu have raspi-config ?