How to setup Roborock (Xiamo vacumm) in HA? I got the token


First of, I’m completely new to HA. HA is runny fine on my Raspberry Pi 4 and I can control lights and such.

But I have tried all day to set up my Xiaomi Roborock vacumm and following several guides, but I have no idea how I get a card to show up in “Lovelace”.

So far I got the Token and added it in /config/configuration.yaml. I also added Roborocks IP and platform in there.

Afterwards I added a folder in /config/ that I named “www” and uploaded “xiaomi-vacuum-card.js” into the folder. Afterwards I restarted the server.

At last, I should add the following code to ui-lovelace.yaml

-url: /local/xiaomi-vacuum-card.js?v=2.2.1
type: js

ui-lovelace.yaml is just overview->3 dots in right top corner->Configure UI->Raw Config Editor.


I’m really lost about what to do. I can’t get it to show up.

Thanks in advance

EDIT: Under history in sidebar, I can see if the vacumm is running, docked, idle and such. So I just need to have it to show up in lovelace and have buttons for start/stop/suction level + I have seen some people have sensor data.

What to do here? Thanks in advance

I have not used that card, but I am using lovelace-xiaomi-vacuum-map-card. It takes a bit more setup because it shows a map that you have to take from the app.

if it helps, here is how I extract some information from the Xiaomi vacuum to have them available as sensors:

And here is my lovelace card:

(look at block starting line 82)
and I end up with this:

For the map bit, I’ve rooted my vacuum, see this git repo:

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