How to share camera stream?


I’d like to share a camera stream from hassio to another web app.
I can only use a get request and as I understand it, GET authentication is now deprecated?

How would I access the url of my camera stream from another app?

You would create a URL with the Home Assistant base URL and the entity_picture attribute of the camera appended, e.g. create a sensor using the template platform, have it depend on the camera.mycamera entity and make the value_template something like {{ "http://localhost:8123" + state_attr('camera.mycamera','entity_picture')|string }}

Thanks, managed to get this working but the token refreshes every fews minutes, any way to get a permanent link?

Bumping this for attention

What about creating a long lived token?

did you manage to create a permanent link? Does this also work from the Internet if I’m not in the local network?