How to show a dashboard view based on room presence


when i use my smartphone to control devices i would like to directly show the configured dashboard view based on the room where my smartphone is located. Therefore i have installed serveral ESPresence in each room to detect the location. ESPresence is working.

But i am struggling to directly navigate to the view based on the location as it seems there is no card available where i can configure the view?

Currently i use a conditional card to set the condition but i can only choose areas but no views in a card.

When i tap the area i can of course switch to the view but i want to skip this additional step and would directly show the view.

My idea is to use actions like:
action: navigate
path: /lovelace-wohnzimmer

But how to add actions to a card? Is that somehow possible to configure?

Curious if you ever got this working. I’m a ways out from getting to this point but it’s ideally something I’d like to do. Open the app and have it automatically be in the room I’m in for easily changing lights in that room.

I don’t have room detection setup yet, but I was playing around with an idea I had for when I do. If you setup an input selection box for each room/view you want, then have the state set the view, but have it where you can manually override it, clicking on the room you wish to view sets the input selection and each view is a conditional card driven from the input selection box. It worked in theory and functionally, but I can’t test it with room detection yet.