How to show expiring food in home assistant that is tracked in Excel

Hi Hive mind :slight_smile: Hoping for some advice guidance.

We currently track our freezer stock in Excel as we can never remember what is in there :-). What I would like to do is get a reminder / display in Home Assistant of any food that is within three months of its best before date so we can remember to eat it!

Does anyone have any ideas on how I could accomplish this - I had half an idea of using node red to connect to excel and flag up food that is “due” within three months of current date but just cannot work out how to make it happen.

Would love for any suggestions or any other ideas - should I be using a different platform other than excel do you think?



take a look at the shopping_list integration with an input_number setup. There is also a node-red flow where you can put in Item : expiration date, and hook that up telegram/notify, so get it daily/weekly etc. with items expiring withing X days (from input number)

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Or use grocy?

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that is another really good option, its got all the bells and whistles…probably a few too many for my liking, but that’s just me :slight_smile:

Thanks guys - loving the look of Grocy just installed the Docker and am playing :slight_smile: