How to show Metadata in Dashboard

I discovered only now that we can have, when creating an automation with the play-media-action and picking up a radio station from the Radio Browser integration, metadata like title and the thumbnail of the Radio.

This is what i get in yaml mode of the automation.

      title: Art Of Music
      media_class: music
      - {}
      - media_content_type: app
        media_content_id: media-source://radio_browser
      - media_content_type: music
        media_content_id: media-source://radio_browser/country/IT

How to show them in a lovelace card?

I assume they’re attributes on your “media_player” attribute. You can use an Attributes Card, or create a new entity using a template sensor to get the attribute out of this entity and use it in any entity card.

No, they aren’t there… i can see them only switching to the yaml mode of the automation.