How to show this marquee on a card?


coming from the Custom header showcase with some nice Marquee suggestions Custom Header template showcase and discussion I experience some system lag because of this always being on the screen.

Since I do like the marquee itself, Id like to try to get it on a dedicated card, Markdown as I post below, but that doesnt work nicely.

type: markdown
style: |
  ha-card {
  background: 'var(--paper-card-background-color)';
content: >
  {% set inside=states('sensor.temperatuur_living')%}
  {% set outside=states('sensor.temp_current')%} 
  {% set temp_color='var(--primary-text-color)'%} 
  {% set symbol='°C' %}
  <div style='display: flex;display: -webkit-flex;'>
  <span style='color: {{ temp_color }}'>
  Inside temperature: {{ inside }}{{ symbol }},
  Outside temperature: {{ outside }}{{ symbol }},
  <span style='color: orange;'> 
  System alerts: {{states('sensor.marquee_alerts')}},
  <span style='color: {{ temp_color }}'>
  Summary - {{states('sensor.dark_sky_summary')}},
  Daily -  {{states('sensor.dark_sky_daily_summary').split('.')[0]}},
  Hourly - {{states('sensor.dark_sky_hourly_summary').split('.')[0]}}.

shows this unfortunately:


Would there be another card able to do this?


found this marquee card ! by @ludeeus but it is unfortunately deprecated. I guess there would be no chance of you updating this? It is exactly what we need to get the marquee showing on a card, it almost does it already. Only thing buggy is it constantly resets, used with this config:

  - type: custom:marquee-state-element
    entity: sensor.marquee_alerts
      top: 10%
      left: 5%
      width: 100%
      max-width: 100%

would be a true unique card, allowing us to marquee, and preventing us from all the backend coding…

please have a look?

No, and it never was designed as a card, it is an element for the picture-elements card.

a that’s too bad, sorry to hear.

(for the sake of it tried it as prescribed on the picture-elements card, but it still makes it rather shaky, so not useful in its current state.)

Would you have a suggestion how to get a marquee in Lovelace otherwise please?

see Finally made my first marquee (on a custom: button-card) for the marquee I made based in all your input

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