How to show timer value on rightsize

I have this timer input boolean which i start when there is a active flood and stop when there isn’t. It works fine, but i’d like to show the value on the right side, rather then saying ‘Idle’.

Is there any way of doing that? Currently using a entity card.

Screenshot 2022-02-11 at 10.18.40

What is a timer input boolean?

They are two separate integrations.

While a timer is running it has these attributes:

duration: 0:01:00
editable: false
finishes_at: 2022-02-11T10:45:27+00:00
remaining: 0:01:00

I did a quick test templating a sensor for remaining, which works - except the value doesn’t update :frowning:

This could be a bug in the Timer integration, but maybe you could do something with finishes_at.

The sensor I tested with looks like:

      - name: "Remaining"
        state: "{{ state_attr('timer.trigger_debounce', 'remaining') }}"

But as I said the “remaining” attribute doesn’t actually change from the initial value.

Just display the timer remaining attribute in an entities card. It supports displaying attributes.

type: entities
title: Flood Time
  - type: attribute
    entity: timer.trigger_debounce
    attribute: remaining

Sorry, just a timer indeed. Messing to much with input booleans around and i’m confusing them.

I just start a timer.start and my entity is timer.flood_active_time. But i don’t see any remaining time attribute.

Screenshot 2022-02-11 at 11.21.57

You said this before:

It’s probably because your timer has no duration in the picture you posted.

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“Remaining” attribute doesn’t work. there was a Github issue opened for it but no action.

A timer counts down - not up, and triggers various events when the countdown starts, finishes or is cancelled.

If you simply want to display the amount of time since an event, create a template sensor.

Ah ok, i thought i could use a timer/input boolean of some sort to tell me how long something has been running.

This template sensor, can i use the UI for this or should i best use some yaml code for that?