How to start integrating a bluetooth device


I am fairly new to the Home Assistant, I have just started using it a few days ago.
Now I want to add my devices to it.

However, I have a particularly annoying lamp, which can only be controlled via Bluetooth. The LED controller is fairly obscure, and I have not been able to find a lot of info about it, but somehow I managed to find out, that it uses a Telink Bluetooth mesh, which is Bluetooth LE. This technology doesn’t seem to be particularly widespread, so I’m not expecting a Home Assistant integration to exist, which means I’ll have to program one myself. Are there any components I could extend so I don’t have to start from scratch?

I’ve also already tried to snoop on the communication on my Android to the lamp, which wasn’t very fruitful. Somehow It doesn’t show any MAC adresses, only 00:00:00:00… and the payload is a whole other topic. Maybe someone know of any good resources for this kind of thing?

I realize this question is not really a question but more a very broad asking for help, and I would understand if this question is not suitable for this catergory (but I hope this is not like on StackOverflow lol). But maybe there is someone on here who has already done a similar thing and could help me to really get started.

Thank you very much