How to stay updated regarding possible HA security issues..?

I’ve tried searching in the past without finding anything. I’m sort of on/off regarding reading posts and interfacing with HA. Usually it’s doing it’s thing in the background. I don’t mind skipping several updates, but I would appreciate to know when there is a critical security patch either scheduled or “out of band” - like now.

Did I miss some regular way of doing this? Possible to subscribe somehow? An option for in-app notification if anything security related arise? Is the info including classification “security”, “critical” or simillar already in a sensor I can use to make my own notifications? Web scraping HA official pages?

I subscribe to the alerts page and blog with my rss reader. If you don’t use an rss reader, you should. Very easy way to keep up to date with your interests and news.

Or maybe use the rss integration to subscribe to those pages.

Perhaps ask for a new feature? A notification if it’s a critical or security update.

That’s an interesting idea. So all that’s needed would be a hardcoded rss parser that would read the alert page and turn “on” if something new is posted.

A simple maskdown with super scarry red background could pop-up on the main page of lovelace and display the title of the alert and a button to ‘mark message read’ (that’s all already possible with conditional cards)

Is anyone aware of that’s already available?


:smiley: sorry didn’t see your link.
Or so everything is already in place :smiley:

Thanks, that seems like a sensible solution. Already implemented.

do you have a ready link to those?

I’ve never used them and couldn’t find anything on the main HA website.

Also for interest’s sake: