How to stop HA and find the homeassistant folder on mini pc

I need to do the following …

So i have to stop HA and look for the homeassistant folder but as a newbie i don’t know how to do that.
Can someone please help me out ?

How are you running home assistant ?

Which install method did you use ?

To simply shut it down just do this:

What Z-Wave addon are you using? Initially from reading that post I thought this issue was specific to open z-wave. Then as I kept reading I saw that other users where setting up polling automations to get there values to update. In my experience you should never have to poll a device to get its value. If you do this means your associations are not set up correctly. I would check your associations by using ZWave JS UI then try find the home assistant folder and edit the file. To find the Home Assistant folder I would mount my drive to a Linux machine then select the hassos-data drive. Then search for the folder. This is how I search for other stuff.

Thanks guys…
I am using the Z-Wave JS add-on. HA is installed on an HP mini-pc via Generic x86-64.

I misunderstood some things. I wanted to install a Fibaro radiator thermostat (I am migrating from Fibaro to HA). I have succeeded in installing the thermostat valve and I can control it, and I can also see the battery level of the thermostat valve. What I cannot see is the battery level of the external temperature sensor. I see two entities: sensor.thermostatic_valve_battery_level and sensor.thermostatic_valve_battery_level_2.

I thought that one was for the thermostat valve and the other was for the temperature sensor, but that is not the case. Both entities give the same values.