How to stop telnet switch constantly polling

Hi, I have created a telnet switch:

- platform: telnet
      port: 2210
      command_on: "set ledprofilevideo 1\n"
      command_off: "set ledprofilevideo 0\n"
      command_state: "get ledprofilevideo\n"
      value_template: "{{ 'ledprofilevideo 1' in value }}"

I guess I’d thought the get command would be ran when the state is unknown or I hit the switch. But I think its constantly polling. I physically turn off the device its talking to, when I do that (generally at night) I wake up to over 2500 error messages in 7 hours as though its polling ever 10 seconds - with the error being the device is not reachable.

Why does it behave this way and is there some way to limit the polling? This is just one switch I set up for the device for learning the commands, I have several I had planned, but that would mean its being hit 10000 times a day per command?!