How to stop TuyaMCU to Tasmota messages

Hi, I have successfully flashed Tasmota on a Neo Coolink Siren, for temp and humidity, however as soon as it detected a change in either temp or humidity it sends an mqtt message of the change, which HA then sets the other value as zero, as it had nothing in the message. Any pointers as to how I stop the mqtt messages for each change in value, as I really only want the regular Tasmota message, as I am looking for trends over time with temp, not up to the second values. Hopefully clearer in the picture. Thanks

How did you define your temp and humidity sensors ?

So I followed the instructions for flashing and setup here: NEO Coolcam Temperature and Humidity 3in1 Alarm Siren (NAS-AB02W) Configuration for Tasmota (

But this doesn’t show how to add the entries for the sensors and I did this:

So made a workaround with a bit of googling I can stop the zero values in HA by using some templating, however I would rather stop the mqtt messages being produced for every change detected in temp or humidity, as I was planning on having a few sensors which will generate quite a bit of redundant traffic, anyone got any pointers?

What is the point in having temperature and humidity sensors if they don’t report on change ?