How to style scrollbars?

I’m using a custom theme (Graphite) and I have an issue with the global scrollbars.
When using the Default theme (dark mode) the scroll bars look dark, but using the custom theme the scroll bars look light. I have not found any property that sets the scrollbar colours. (scrollbar-thumb-color doesn’t seem to work in my case)

My setup is a Chromium browser runnning on raspberry pi OS so I can’t set a global dark theme.

Any ideas?

Adding screenshot of the light scrollbar

And the dark scrollbar from the default theme

Since all my dashboards are being used in touch screens I really don’t need the scrollbars so I tried a solution that removes the scrollbars completely and it worked. (This one: Unnecessary scroll bars using views with layout-cards (like "Horizontal (layout-card)" - #4 by plclus)

Anyways it would be helpful to know how to style the scrollbars.