How to suppress duplicate chatbot responses in Hangouts/hangups?

Hi all,

Using 0.92.2, Hassio in Docker on NUC running Ubuntu 18.04.

I use the Hangouts component for notifications as well as a chatbot. I guess the component wraps the Hangups reverse-engineered python library.

We are a mixed Android/iOS household with an aversion to installing additional single-purpose chat apps. I love the functionality with Hangouts, but it seems that Hangups has trouble maintaining server connections over time.

I’ve noticed that occasionally I get a log message saying “ retry attempt count is now x”, where x starts at 1. Then a few minutes/hours/days later, the same log message appears again and x increments. The symptom is that the Hangouts chatbot seems to repeat intent “speech” responses using this same retry count. For example, most recently my son typed “Close the garage door” and got “Closing the garage door…” response 16 times in a row from the chatbot.

All other functionality seems normal; notifications to Hangouts conversations are not repeated. A restart of HA brings things back to normal temporarily.

I am wondering if there’s a quick way to suppress this behavior. I don’t particularly care if hangups is constantly having to reconnect as long as I no longer see the duplicated intent responses. As I am not Python fluent, I really didn’t start digging into Hangups other than to find the particular code section where this log messages is generated. (At this moment I am not interested in switching to Telegram, HTML5 notifications, etc.)

I have this same problem still. And actually in literally the same way… I have an automation to close the garage door and I just got “Closing the garage door now” back over 50 times.

There is a service hangout.reconnect. I have an automation that executes this every morning at 4:44. Although I still see the the retry attempt count sometimes in the log.

Thanks, I have also been doing the reconnect every 24h since pretty much day 1 of when I noticed the problem. Doesn’t seem to make any difference.

My last restart was for the upgrade to 0.109.6 on 8 May. The hangouts integration is now responding 60 times to each intent.

One other interesting detail, it appears that the intent’s action: is being repeated too, not just the speech:. I noticed this a while ago because the relay that responds to the action remains closed until all umpteen repetitive responses have finished sending through to Hangouts. The relay itself (ESP8266) is programmed to close for 0.5s on command.

This makes me believe that the HA integration code is not handling something correctly, rather than an issue in hangups. Edit: Someone already diagnosed the issue but it looks like the issue was closed by stale bot:

I also reconnect mine every day overnight, also basically required since day 1. And I can confirm it is 60 times per intent that the response is sent. I can’t tell though if it repeats the action since my ZWave won’t act that fast.

Did anyone ever manage to resolve this? I’m currently struggling with this behavior.

same problem here. single intent, delivers the speech: response at least two times.