How to switch between mutiple HA servers?

I have now added my second house to Home Assistant Compagnion (2 HA servers).
How should I switch now to my second house/server? The app starts by default on my first house, but I cannot figure out how I can switch to my second house/server.
Looking forward to your suggestions. Thanks.


on ios swipe from bottom ip with 3 fingers

I am on Adroid, and it might be similar. But I don’t understand your proposed action. Could you clarify? Thanks.

Same on android…
Put three fingers on the screen and swipe up.

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aha, now I understand and in works. Thanks!

I wasn’t aware it was (recently) implemented on android as well, good to know !

Btw, you can also go to settings/companion app and select your server and hit activate, but 3 fingers is faster :grin:

On iOS you can 3 finger swipe left to right or vice versa to swap servers. Swiping up brings up a list for you to choose. Doing it horizontally is quicker.

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Is there any way to make this happen automatically, ie when you leave the home zone switch to a different server and vice versa?

Yes, you’ll need 3 switchbots & 3 extra (human) fingers though :stuck_out_tongue:

Once that part’s done, the rest of pretty easy :wink: