How to switch from remote_package to local files?

Hello…i am trying to find a way to get someones code switched over from loading yamls from github to using them in the local file system.
It looks kinda like this right now:

    refresh: 0d
    files: [
      # Main dongle package
      # IR remote transmitter (IR- pad connected to TSOP output of controlled device)
      # IR remote transmitter (IR LED between IR+ and IR- pads)
      # Electrolux EACS. Select your model HERE.

and i would like to have it load all the parts and pieces
from my packages folder where i already created the same file and folder structure but cant get it to point there.
happy for any hint…
Thx alot up front

I assume you had an issue using the local packages config as described here?

  wifi: !include common/wifi.yaml
  device_base: !include common/device_base.yaml

Hello thx for the info and quick response.
Bummer that it does not support lacal direction trees as it does with urls.
So i have to include all the files one by one.

Thx Lot

You can just copy all the data into your yaml…
So hardware/iot-uni-dongle/device.yaml refers to:

  # Default common config
  default: !include ../../common/default.yaml
  # HTTP server config
  web: !include ../../common/web.yaml
  # ESP-12E module minimal config
  esp8266: !include ../esp12e/esp8266.yaml
  # UART config
  uart: !include ../esp12e/uart.yaml
  # Config ESP-12F onboard led as status
  status: !include ../esp12e/status-led.yaml

So you should look at …/…/common/web.yaml and copy the contends to you own yaml:


  port: 80

and that you should do for all referred includes etc etc etc

And if I am not mistake, you are looking for this:

And more info on that:

When set up successfull, you should be able to call the service as something like this:
esphome.mideahvac_follow_me I guess with a temperature value (float)

(Not using the follow_me service myself, but had a look at an api call from another esphome device; it can be verified with developer tools → services)

Thx for your quick answers as usual…
I gave up on the packages thing and kept it all in one yaml
To much hassle for to little benefit.
And the follow me is not working as planned, just different logic than i anticipated