How to switch node?

i have payload as follows: msg.payload.name_1, msg.payload.name_2, msg.payload.name_3 etc.
i want to pass all msg.payloads what starts with “name”.
my idea is not working as expected Opera Snapshot_2021-12-04_194404_90.190.177.248
so… how?

Please post the debug messages that contain the message you are trying to switch.


I don’t see a key name as in There is payload.person and payload.gunnar_4. Does gunnar_4 change and is that what you are after? Try

yes, gunnar or name changing: name_1, name_2, name_3…your idea seems also not working…

Okay I think you will need to make a path for each name. Like this you can set a confidence level for each entry.