How to sync switches to garage door opener

Noob here using Home Assistant Green… I have the Meross Homekit garage door opener and a couple of Insteon switches I would like to use to control the garage door manually, one in the garage and one at the front door. How can I bind or sync all of these, so that when the switches are on the garage door opens? The devices are set up and working in HA, but not sure how to set up this automation?

This isn’t very clear, but I assume you mean when any switch is turned on open the door?

Also do both switches have to be off to close the door?

Do you have one button to open and close the door or do you have two (one for open and one for close)?

Also please provide the entity ids of the switches and door entity.

There is a blueprint

Link On/Off State of Multiple Devices v1.2

that might provide what you desire.