How to tell when Envisalink is in exit delay

Working on porting my old Vera logic to HA.

I’m having trouble telling when my DSC alarm, using the Envisalink component, enters the exit delay state. The states.sensor.home_alarm_keypad.attributes.exit_delay remains “false” when the exit delay is active.

I can’t tell if this is because I’m doing something incorrectly, or it’s a function of the EVL component.


I was the person to develop the envisalink component. There is currently a bug that effects only users of DSC panels (I use a honeywell panel). I know what the issue is, and have put a fix in one of my other tester’s environments. Would you be interested in helping test the fix? I can give instructions on how you can apply the fix to your own environment. Right now we’re likely going to get this fix in 0.30, as 0.29 is going to be released very soon.

Sure - I’d be glad to give it a try. I’m still building everything out, so I don’t have anything where it’d be a big deal if the Envisalink did weird things while testing. Thanks.