How to temporary change of automation in nodered

Say there is an automation setup in node-red routinely Monday-Friday. Now Friday is a public holiday so kids no need to go school, I’d like to disable this automation temporary just for this Friday. I can remember to disable at Thursday night and re-enable it Friday night. What is the simplest/best way to do this?

You could use the node ‘Bigtimer’ it’s an extremely flexible scheduling node. Go to manage pallet in NR and search & install from there.

this Friday is a temporary, next time could be Monday. I don’t think bigtimer will help in this case?

You can put the exceptions in advance in a google calendar. Put this integration in HA.
Then based on what is read from the calendar you can act on your automation.
This is what I am doing to manage exceptions in my heating schedule.

Hello, I have just read your question. I am currently working on another topic to try something out. I installed this extension in NodeRED …

The URL of an “ical calendar” can be included here. If there is a suitable calendar online for you, it might solve your problem.

Maybe you can integrate this :arrow_down: to HA and start an stop the automation in NodeRED…


I’ll check out the ical integration. Thanks all for the idea!

Second vote for the Workday sensor. I use it in a lot of my NR flows to test if it’s a work day and turn on/off automations based upon it. Dead simple to setup and requires next to no configuration aside from the add_holidays list.

I briefly checked out ical and it should be ideal for my case. I can quickly insert an entry in calendar for the purpose.

Workday sensor works too, but I think need to update the configuration file(any quick way to edit on the phone?), which probably not as convenient as just insert a calendar entry. say I’m already on the bed and my phone is besides me :slight_smile:

Very well. Have fun with Home Assistant … :+1:

if on android you can use the app QuickEdit and login through sftp (ssh)

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