How to today ha?

Hey all.

I use pi with very old version 2021.1.5.
all work perfectly but i want to update to got all new features, i don’t find any information how to update old versions, i don’t have the supervisor, i try the command

$ sudo systemctl stop [email protected]
$ sudo su -s /bin/bash homeassistant
$ source /srv/homeassistant/bin/activate
$ pip3 install --upgrade homeassistant
$ exit
$ sudo systemctl restart [email protected]

But after that done, the version still the same.

I think the os i hass with virtual.

Thanks for any advice.

We really need your install type to tell you how to upgrade. You say you don’t have the supervisor but say its virtual? Usually people who install on a VM have a supervised install. You might have a docker container install, or Python virtual environment, but I really don’t know based on your post. How you installed it will determine how you upgrade it.

Go to “configuration” then “info” and post what it says under system health, especially installation type, supervisor, docker, and virtual environment.

Screenshot from 2022-01-18 16-29-09

He’s (probably) on a Python venv, the (partial) instructions he posted are for updating a HA core install. By yeah, not enough info. He might just be in the wrong directory. It’s also not clear what host OS he uses. If it’s a year old, the Python version isn’t going to be compatible. He might have to update it or recompile Python manually to a supported version, recreate a new venv and all the fun stuff. With a version jump like that, a full reinstall is going to be best anyway.

Edit: or maybe he’s not on venv and just using the wrong instructions.

@OP, like Tim said, can you supply more information about your install ? Also possible error messages on the console, etc.

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You are absolutely right guys, Home Assistant Core.

Sounds really complex and complicated…

Any one have any idea?

You have given us pretty much zero information to work with, so nope, no idea.

To be honest, the HA core install method is considered an advanced method targeting users like developers or Linux experts who know how to manage problems like this. Recompiling Python and recreating a venv with it is a rather basic operation, but it’s very ill suited for the kind of copy’n’paste tutorials you seem to have followed. Things change and commands need to be adapted to the changes. Things that worked a year ago likely won’t work the same anymore without adjustments.

While there are tutorials and even threads here in the forums that explain how to do all this in detail, it might be better if you switch to an easier to maintain install method, like Home Assistant OS. You can back up your current config and restore it on a different install method without losing data.

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Hello mp - I would have to agree to the same recommendations from Alex: