How to track heating gas usage?

Hi Everyone

I was hoping I could pick your brains to see if anyone has any awesome ideas on how I could track heating gas consumption? My house uses a gas combi boiler, gas hob’s in the kitchen and also has a gas fireplace in the front room. While the fireplace is almost never used, the gas hob is used pretty much daily. The combi boiler handles hot water to the taps and also my central heating so is used to some capacity each day even if it’s just hot water.

I use Tado to control my heating using their smart TRV’s on each radiator in every room. I also have the Extension Kit and the Tado thermostat installed. This is integrated into Home Assistant using the standard Tado HA integration (here). I also have a Hildebrand Glow IHD that pushes realtime gas and electricity usage into HA using MQTT (here).

I’m aware the Tado app has a feature to give rough estimates on how much gas has been used for heating based on previous usage data, but it requires you to manually enter meter readings into the app, and I’m also not sure it takes into account hot water heating.

Is there any way I could do this with what I currently have, or is there some additional device or integration I could invest in that would give this level of detail? It would be great to see at a glance how much of my total daily gas usage was used by the boiler for hot water and room heating.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I was just pondering the same thing.

There is now the Utility Meter helper in Home Assistant, so I’m trying to set that up with a reading from the Octopus Energy integration, which has a previous (days) accumulated gas usage in m3.

In theory, that will give me a meter reading which I can then feed in to Tado, probably using the Node Red Tado client.