How to track location with MQTT?

Hi, I am new to HA, a couple of days ago I got a Teltonica TMT250 tracker for my cat and I was looking for a convenient way to pull the data from it and discovered HA. I managed to set up an MQTT broker with flespi and I can get JSON payload in HA from the tracker.
For example, here is some working battery sensor

  - name: "Cat Battery"
    state_topic: "flespi/message/gw/channels/id/ch"
    value_template: "{{ value_json['battery.level'] }}"
    unit_of_measurement: "%"
    object_id: "cat_tracker_battery"
    unique_id: "cat_tracker_battery_sensor"

But I would like to have something I could track on the map (as some dashboard card probably) and define some zones when the cat gets out of some action would be triggered.
Also, it would be nice to organize it as some device.

This is the example of a payload I receive from flespi

	"battery.current": 0,
	"battery.level": 37,
	"battery.voltage": 3.663,
	"": 1111111111,
	"event.enum": 156,
	"event.priority.enum": 1,
	"geofence.status.2": false,
	"gnss.state.enum": 1,
	"gnss.status": true,
	"gsm.mcc": 255,
	"gsm.mnc": 6,
	"gsm.operator.code": "25307",
	"gsm.signal.level": 100,
	"ident": "000000000000",
	"movement.status": true,
	"peer": "",
	"position.altitude": 100,
	"position.direction": 340,
	"position.fix.age": 0,
	"position.hdop": 0.6,
	"position.latitude": 00.00000,
	"position.longitude": 00.00000,
	"position.pdop": 0.7,
	"position.satellites": 5,
	"position.speed": 4,
	"position.valid": true,
	"": 14,
	"server.timestamp": 1663275476.993571,
	"timestamp": 1663275475

Could you please give some suggestions on how to achieve that and where to start and\or direct me to some resources?

With that data I don’t see how you can do what you want. Even if the latitude and longitude ever return valid results, I suspect the tracker won’t be precise enough to measure presence in a space as small as a house. Given GPS positioning precision, your cat could magically teleport from one room to another with no warning.

If you do want to try and go down this route, you’ll need to get that data converted to a presence tracker. Here are a few starter points:

Thanks for the references.
I replaced valid data in this post with zeros including latitude and longitude and I realize a GPS tracker is not an accurate way to track the cat in a house, but I need that to track it within an area of around 0.25 square kilometers.
For the in-house presence I would like to use tracker built-in Bluetooth with Raspberry Pi 3b+ where I run HA, but unfortunately, this doesn’t work. HA Bluetooth just cannot discover any device nearby.