How to track payment for solar energy generated


I have a solar panel array that I get paid by the government for every kWh I produce (~22p/kWh), wether I use the energy or not (this is totally seperate to export tarrif).

How do I add this 22p/kWh to the Energy dashboard? There’s no tarrif in the “Solar Panels” setup section of the Energy Dashboard that I can see.

Any help much appreciated.

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I’d say you can’t.

By the way…in what country do you live that you get paid for producing solar energy wheather or not you are using or exporting it?

You could create your own dashboard with costs and use a variable to calculatie this extra premium.

I’m in the UK, we get ROCs for any renewable energy produced, be it solar or wind.

For every 1kWh of solar I generate I get approx 22p (which is metered on a seperate generation meter), which is paid annually. For every 1kWh I export to the grid, I get approx 17p, this is metered on a bidirectional meter installed by the DNO. It’s read and paid annually also.