How to track people around my house?

Hi there - very new to HA and just finding my feet.

I’m interested to know if anyone has implemented any means of tracking occupants around hthe house - for the purposes of turning lights on and off, and appliances, and music etc?

To begin with, I’m looking at solutions that utilise our (android) phones, but I’ve also found this thread…

…that suggests the 2 redundant Xiaomi Band 2s I have lying around the house somewhere could be used with HappyBubbles to do the same thing… That looks like a tough challenge for someone as unfamilair with coding as I am.

Thanks a lot for any ideas.

Have you looked at Room Assistant?

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That looks promising, thanks.

I can’t see what hardware is needed for it to function though - do you know?

I don’t have it installed but I have read about it, thinking one day I might need it.
beacon sensor mqtt raspberry-pi, Did you see the git hub?

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Thanks a lot.

Looking through there, it seems you need a Pi in each room you want monitored - eek!

I don’t have enough faith in my ability to get this running successfully to make that sort of outlay!

I’m going to keep on reading - this is possibly not the best HA project for me to try as my first effort…

EDIT: In case it’s of use to others looking for similar info, I found this interesting thread, which it might be worth linking to: