How to track what automation (or something else) disabled the automation?

I think i made a error somewhere, but i’m lost. My automation that disables my alarm when i’m close to home with my smartphone is disabled by something. The problem is: i don’t know by what. I’m now lost for month’s.

Is there a way to find what automation (or something else) is doing this?

The only thing i see in the history is:

But which automation (or something else) is a mystery.

Just found it.

Apparently the tiles option in the android application is the culprit. There it disables/enables the automation instead of triggering it.

So through an android tile I can’t trigger the automation, but only enable/disable the automation? Or is there a way to trigger it by the tiles?

Automations is just triggers for scripts or service calls.
Your tile should be able to call the scripts or service calls that the automation calls.

Problem is that this atomation does a lot of things (20+). A tile only one.

Change it to a script then and let the automation call the script.

Enable or disable automations is something like a no-go. It messes up the system, and as you already noticed, it makes maintaining a nightmare.

That being said, what do you want to achieve? Post the automation and something about that setting in the HA app (or is it something else?).

Btw. marking this thread as solved isn’t a good idea as many people don’t look at the thread after it is solved. :wink: And I’m kind of getting the feeling it isn’t solved for you, is it? :slight_smile:

The problem is solved what caused to disabled the automation. So my initial question is solved.

I have a “Coming Home” automation that disables the alarm, Put some lights on (if dark), turn off/on some smart plugs, turn on/off some automations, turn of my synology NAS home mode, sends a notification, does something with my heating/airco and lets my speaker play some random spotify playlist’s.

Now my plan was, to use a android tile that manual trigger this automation when my phone does not detect when i’m coming home (GPS/mobile data disabled) or any other reason. So my alarm would not trigger when entering home.

But now i know a tile enables/disables automations, and not trigger them.

For now i use a “widget” that can trigger the automation.
But it would be a nice addition if home assistant tiles can not only enable/disable with a tile, but also trigger them.

But the problem i had is solved. I only have a added wish.

With “android tile” you mean something like an iBeacon? If so, I can’t see, why that would enable or disable an automation. I’m willing to say this is not the way it should be. :slight_smile:

What code do you have for that tile or is it configured via an integration? :slight_smile:

I can tell you, what I’m using for presence detection:

  • (phone) BT from the HA companion app
  • (phone) WIFI from the router (ping)
  • Gigaset G-Tag (same as an iBeacon or a tile) on my key chain
  • Gigaset G-Tag on the car key chain
  • One of my laptops
  • bed sensor (because at night my phone is in airplane mode)

And none of the above is enabling or disabling an automation. :wink: My guess would be something in the trígger of the automation. Just post it, and we can see what’s happening. :slight_smile:

With tiles i mean what it says in the companion app: but quick setting for android.

Well i disable some automations with the “coming home” automation is triggered.

  • i disable the blueprint/automation to take picture/screenshot from camera feed when motion is detected.
  • i disable automations where some light shine att full brightness when some motion sensors detect movement (to get a better camera feed and screenhsot).

But good ideas for the more than one device and/or method to detect the presence. i also set this up before, but then i had problems with switching away/home multiple times within a minute.
I also would love have bleutooth working, but i cannot get it working on HA Oss on my raspberry pi.

The problem is solved. it was the tile (android quick setting) that disabled the automation.