How to transfer and store single photos from Pi Zero with a Picamera?

I want to take photos with a PiCamera attached to a Pi Zero. I want to store the photos so they can be analyzed and assembled into a timelapse video. I would prefer to store them on a HDD rather than the sd card on my Rpi3. The RPi3 is connected to my network via ethernet cable but the Pi Zero is wireless.

The question is how to set up the storage and transfer rather than the actual taking of the photos. (I was planning on taking the photos using ffmpeg. ) I would also like to have the current image on the lovelace panel.

I have hassio running with node-red, influxdb, grafana, MQTT, google home integration, and tasmoda already configured and working.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


Very interesting article!
When I try adding the repository, nothing shows up. The motion add-in is not available.

Add the url:

Note that I’m having an issue (now on HASSOS) as here

I was using the url to the motion plugin itself rather than just to the parent ‘hassio-addons’ directory. Now the plu-in is showing up. It took a while but it is installed now. I will update when I find out if the camera is working