How to transform an sensor entity to a device

I juste have add a ESPresense to home Assistant to be able to track some beacons. The integration is OK with MQTT-room, and beacons are set as "home " or “not-home”. Though, I’d like to link persons to each beacon. But in Home assistant, persons can only be tracked with a device and not an entity (Sensor entity)
Do someone think I can make a template or something else to change the entity as a device ,

This is not true. You can add tracker entities to a person.

Create an mqtt tracker instead or an mqtt sensor.

how can you add a entity to track a person, with your solution below ceating mqtt device tracker ? or this is a second solution?

Once you have made your mqtt tracker you add it to the person as per the documentation:

I’ve tried to create MQTT device tracker, in configuration.yaml, I’ve put these lines:

  - platform: mqtt
      beacon_theo: "location/theo"
      beacon_vero: "location/vero"
      beacon_oscar: "location/oscar"
    qos: 1
    payload_home: "present"
    payload_not_home: "not present"

After rebooting Home assistant, no new devices are found. Are new device supposed to be beacon.vero… ?

They won’t be devices, they will be tracker entities.

Not sure what you mean by that?

If you post the mqtt messages received on the topic location/theo (correctly formatted) I can check your config.

What became of this - I too use ESPresence and its very stable - using with Node-red flows to track folks walking through the house. but for those that dont have HA installed on their phones etc… I cannot see if they are home or away via the sensor device created by MQTT… so do I just add the tracker on there and set that up to coincide?