How to trigger a notification ONCE for leaving or entering a zone

I’d like to set something up that will notify my wife when I either enter or exit an area, but only ONCE per event. Below is the output I receive for my location tracking. I’m having trouble wrapping my brain around this for some reason. I’ve done some googling about arriving or leaving, but I don’t see any data in my phone about it - so I wasn’t sure it was there.

This is the info I’m getting from my phone. NPM is the zone I’m currently in.

I’d like just one notification per event. (Leaving and Arriving a zone). Can anybody help me out?

with rbe node, you can limit the messages until the state the changes. so it will not allow a new message as long as payload changes from Zone A to Zone B.

Also if you want this notifications only for 1 zone, you can limit the trigger node like below:

@mikx what kind of node are you using to check your device_tracker?

I’d use an ‘events: state’ node with the option “Output only on state change” checked.