How to trigger Alexa routines from Home Assistant

I can’t get it to work either. Running .88 and the HA skill.

I have 6 devices setup and working in the Alexa app. They update properly; however it does not trigger the routine. For example when Front door opens it should say on the alexa " Front Door is Open" but does not trigger even though in the Alexa app it shows the front door as open.

Any updates or workarounds to get it working?

Have you enable the “Send Alexa Events” permission on the alexa developer console? You must disable and enable the skill again on the alexa app after that.

This would be huge for Home Assistant - the ability for Alexa to alert me by speaking a phrase of my choice based on what a sensor is doing is the dream. Will justify Nabu casa cloud subscription alone!

Anyone see this: “Error calling LWA to get auth token”?

I’ve been over and over the settings, but can’t see the problem.

try this

Have you set up the “Login With Amazon” and the security profile correctly?

I’ve gone over it and over it. Can’t find anything that is not as outlined in the haaska instructions and the SmartHome instructions. The Lamda function tests OK and the Alexa routine works properly. Permissions are set and enabled. No errors, but when binary_sensor (device class motion) is turned on, Alexa doesn’t budge.

This may be a stupid question but… have you disabled and enabled (and relinked) the skill on the Alexa app? Also, have you run a scan after that?

You can try checking for events. On the Alexa Developer Console, on the “Test” tab, enable the Device Log and the Alexa Smart Home (Beta) widgets. On the Smart Home widget, enable the live debugger. The, on the device log widget you should see events appearing every time you change a sensor or turn on a light that is exposed to alexa.

EDIT: if you still see the LWA auth errors, then my suggestion above will not work. But those errors could be from you testing the lambda directly.

I’m a bit confused because the cloud component is definitely actively reporting sensor state into Alexa for me but the routine won’t run. Does something still need to be activated for the cloud component?

Sorry, first post here.

I trigger Alexa to switch an Amazon plug from HA using
I use a free SmartThings cloud account to setup a virtual device that is both a switch & a sensor. Some people call this an Alexa Switch. When the switch is triggered, it changes the sensor state
I use HomeAssistant I control the switch which changes the sensor.
An Alexa routine uses the SmartThings sensor change to trigger changing the Amazon plug.

Just another way to do things without a cloud subscription.

@privatesam The cloud component does not support this yet.
When you are seeing the state on the app, HA is not proactively reporting the state. It is the Alexa app that is periodically pooling HA for state changes.
For routines to work, you need the proactive events to work.

Thanks that clears it up. Fingers crossed they’ll add active reporting to the cloud component.

My solution above does not require a SmartThings Hub, only the free SmartThings cloud account.

I am having the same issue where the Alexa app reports the status of sensors fine, but fails to trigger routines. Did anyone find the cause of this?

(I’ve set Send Alexa Events = True and renabled the skill)

Have you tried the smarthome debug tool? Check here this post for how to: How to trigger Alexa routines from Home Assistant

Are you using the cloud component (Nabu Casa) if so its not supported…yet.

On that note - there was no mention of any support in the release notes on home assistant new release yesterday. I suspect we need to feature request this from Paulus as its a feature to be added cloud side as opposed to on our home assistant installs right?

Yes. This should be on his TODO list.

you can use this to trigger alexa routines

I am a new user here but I have set up Hassio with DuckDNS to trigger Alexa automations by using the free SmartThings cloud service with a virtual switch/sensor that some people call an Alexa Switch.

No SmartThing hub is needed for this. I trigger sunrise & sunset automations as well as time automations to control an Amazon smart plug.

Alexa could already see sensors, even before proactive mode was implemented.

What do you normally say to the alexa to to give the value of a sensor? ‘Alexa what is garage door status’ gives me a ‘garage door doesn’t support that’ response.