How to trigger based on entity time in Node Red

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Hi All,

This might be a simple question but I am really struggling to find the right search terms to find an answer, so I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

I am new to Home Assistant and Have just started using Node Red for my automations and I want to understand how I can use node red to run a sequence at a time specified in an entity.

I have created some helpers in HA that allow me to specify time variables that I use to trigger automations. I am using a value template in HA automations to trigger the automation when the current time equals the helper time.

My question is, how would I achieve the same thing in Node Red?

Your questions seem similar. Maybe you can use this answer.

If you haven’t got this sorted yet, I think the way to go is to set a flow variable using a state change event for the entity. Then you can use the variable in any other node.

@AlmostSerious Thanks very much for your suggestion, its perfect! I also actually wanted to trigger at earlier times, so this was really useful for me.

Also, @Hilo4321 I like your suggestion of using flow (or global) variables, so i’m going to tinker with that to make some improvements to my flow.

Appreciate both of your time!