How to trigger Google Home/Assistant question and based on the answer set an input boolean?

So I’m trying to do the following:
I have a simple coffee machine that needs water/coffee and has a on/off switch.
I currently have it set so that if my phone changes from still status to unknown between 6h30-8h00 it turns on my smart switch (sonoff with 2mins inching - right enough to make 2 cups of coffee) where my coffee machine is plugged in. That’s cool. (Although the phone status does not always change etc - open to better ideas)
Now I added an input boolean that resets everyday at 00:01:00 and is another condition in the automation (otherwise everytime it detects a phone change in that time frame it turns the switch back on)

To complete the automation I’d like to (if possible) do this:

  1. When the automation is executed - also broadcast on my google minis that Coffee is being made
  2. Every night around 8pm ask me if I refilled the water and coffee in the machine. If I have then no problem. If I have not set some other boolean coffeemachinenotready and use that to prevent executing the first automation. If I have not also ask me 1hr later if the machine is ready.
    Right now I have no idea if it is possible to do this… If it is I can imagine a whole world (almost Jarvis like) but in the mean time yeah…

Thanks for helping

You might be able to partly accomplish this with a routine in Google Home, but it would be a declarative solution. So, you could setup a routine with a trigger phrase of “Hey Google, I put water in the coffee maker” and that would set the input_boolean. From the HA side, you could have an automation that kicks off once daily that prompts a Google device to ask you if you have done it and then check again in an hour to see if the boolean has been set and repeat the process. But, that announcement won’t be interactive.

A couple of other solutions to look at would be both IFTTT and Actions on Google. The former being really easy to do, BUT with the caveat that it could take up to 15 minutes to actually work and the latter requiring some hefty technical knowledge.

@code-in-progress Thank you.
Well I can see google showing my booleans as virtual switches so I can already be like ok google set this boolean to on. But I also want the reminder to trigger at 8 and 9in the pm and that my answer to it set the boolean as well.
I guess half the solution right now is to trigger the reminder then ok/hey google set boolean to true when I actually do it since the action of doing it can be accompanied by the action of telling google about it.

I guess the knowledge of how to do the above interaction would be helpful for future automations though so if you got some link for the ‘Actions on google’ way please point me to the entrance of the rabbit hole :slight_smile:

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Exactly. Typically, I have automations setup that notify on various speakers around the house that remind me to give my dog his meds and stuff like that. It’s not as interactive as I’d like, but it works for the most part.

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Got any link to this? Google didn’t yield much

Here ya go:

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