How to trigger IR remote action on Aqara AC Companion P3

I would like to know how could I trigger a IR action which I have defined in Mi Home App to set my AC to a specific status on Aqara AC Companion P3 (lumi.aircondition.acn05). I could see some IR related information in the state of the AC Companion as below, but I got no clue on how to use it…

Would it be possible to set the Aqara P3 as a “remote” device in HA and then use services to proceed? If yes, how should I define it in my HA config.yaml? I could not see miio related services in develper tools tab (which was introduced for Xiaomi IR Remote). Thanks in advance.

ac_function.report_ir_learn: >- {“ircode”:“nE4mc3lk0mkxnMsms3m8smM2mc4lk1nE2AIMBEpxNZZNZzNJZNZlMgBymwA5TEAdpgAOQFBAalMZtNAJCms4lkxm8wAIKaTQBEpwBMQDRzeYAVkAR4BCTYFEpoCyQCBAjFNJkBoYDJzgBkpiAyk1nIJpAzoAWQGKTMBdJtMpoAO01AHYBfwP6DVMK8wV0AncC/wT/mAA5B7mB+oB6gb2B/4B6zGbzEKwpjNwgKC4UIBQwHmoIFBgeAe4YHhgeEB4RHzMVtQgJm4IHgD0Eh4G5g4KAPowNgD+ERoQDTMUKg0VA42ZhY1MApSE6QIGwuTBA8HnwB/ID8nZ5mAgoBBAY6FXAXkjjQQPooqgLmBzASjhaHMwOTL2MzogQnDXIzciwzmAABA=”,“key”:“1641637357”,“len”:873,“success”:0}

ac_function.report_ir_learn_key: ‘1641637357’