How to trigger manual DuckDNS update?

I’m experimenting with duckdns and configured the HA component.
However, there is no mention of an update interval or anything.

How often is this called?
How can I trigger a manual update, e.g. in an automation?
I saw that there is a service called “duckdns.set_txt” but it is undocumented.

Anyone know?


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with HassIO or Hassbian or something else ?

HA running in docker

I do this with DuckDNS for my Alexa integration to HA

echo url=“” | curl -k -o ~/duckdns/duck.log -K -

I just run a cron job every so often

I run the same cron in Hassbian.
There’s a howto on the DuckDNS website, section Install.

set_txt is probably related to the DNS TXT entry required by Let’s Encrypt, no need for that if your just want a dynamic DNS.

Yeah I’m aware of the cron job, but it seems that the HA component is missing such a service.
Since you can tie in your router to find out connectivity changes and you’re external IP it seems like the missing piece in automatically updating duckDNS is an automation that triggers such a service call. It can probably still be done with a command line call though.

Maybe it is completely irrelevant because the duck component might be updating every second… it is just not clear.

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