How to trigger on entering a zone in node Red?

I try to trigger on somebody entering or leaving a zone.
I’m able to trigger on “home” or “not home” with different device_trackers.
This is based on connection to my router. And not showing the zones names.
I also have a sensor with “geocoded_location” this is showing the exact location of a device (not a zone).
And i do see person. entity id, also showing home or not home
I did make some zones like “thuis” (a new zone around the house but bigger) or “work”
But I’m not able to figger out how to trigger on entering or leaving such a zone?
Where to find these zones in sensors or?
Any idea how to in node red?

I found out the right device_trackers to use.
It is only working with device_trackers running HA at that device. Right?

Yes indeed

Thanks for the answer