How to trigger on ios.action_fired using the New Automation interface?

The docs give instructions on how to trigger automations based on iOS Companion App actions, but the only instructions require editing configuration.yaml; there are no instructions on how to set them up through the point-and-click New Automation interface.

Is this possible yet?

If not, it would be very helpful if the docs explicitly stated this, as I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure it out; the closest I’ve come is this:

…but I have no idea what to put in the event data section. I don’t want to have to specify actionID, actionName, sourceDeviceID, sourceDeviceName, sourceDevicePermanentID, and triggerSource — that would mean having to have a copy of the trigger for each device, and all the automations suddenly failing if the device name changes.

On my previous Home Assistant install, I was using Node-RED for this, but I’ve managed to port pretty much everything else to Automations without having to resort to YAML-walloping. It would be great to be able to do the lot :grin:

Hi @unikitty , I might be totally not reading the room here, but I did exactly what you seemingly want to do, and did it quit efficiently by maintaining/restricting myself to actionids – and that allows me to maintain the same automations w/o needing to change the automations when we change devices (in my case I just bought a new apple watch). The syntax is “actionID: xxxxxx”. (in the event data section).

As a background for our use of IOS actions: We have frigate running security around our house, and if a user wants to snooze the notifications of “people detected”, my wife and I simply have an apple watch command that Snoozes the notifications. We invoke lots of actions using these buttons on our watches, such as closing the garage, etc.

Here is a snip for how the IOS_action looks in the automation:

In summary, I don’t use the other parameters that link to the device itself and that allowed minimal changing. She and I simply have our own ActionID. One could also limit in the automation by specifying the User as also shown in the event trigger as well. (as highlighted in your snip). Let me know if I’m off base here and you are looking for something totally different. Cheers -

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Ah, that’s what I was missing — you don’t need to provide them all :man_facepalming:

Using just the ActionID or ActionName is enough. Thanks!