How to trigger remote Test Mode on HEIMAN SmokeSensor-EM

Hey there!

I bought the Adurosmart Eria fire alarm / smoke alarm sensor (also known as HEIMAN SmokeSensor-EM). It should be able to send a remote test message to the device (using their hub) according to the box/packaging.

I would like to send a remote test message from Home Assistant to my smoke sensors. I’d also like to trigger them remotely and bind them so they sound all at the same time. But I’m not sure if the last part is possible.

After installing the device in Home Assistant, the only sensor available is a binary_sensor for smoke detection and 4 diagnostic elements: identify, power, lqi, rssi.

I was looking around in the Cluster settings and found a clustercommand called init_test_mode within the IasZone cluster. When I try to send the clustercommand to this cluster, HA shows a brief error message saying:

Value for field ‘test_mode_duration’ is required

This is all new to me, and I need help remotely triggering Test Mode. I have no idea how to send the value for the test_mode_duration field.

Using zha for ZigBee integrations with the ConBee II gateway.

I’m running the Generic x86-64 HA installation:

Home Assistant 2022.7.0
Supervisor 2022.06.2
Operating System 8.2
Frontend-version: 20220706.0 - latest